Mayfair Apartments - Section 8 - Full HAP

HAP Coverage in Kansas City

Mayfair Apartments, located at 1224 E. Linwood Blvd. in Kansas City, MO is a 60-unit affordable housing community. Fifty-nine of the sixty units are covered by a 20 year HAP contract that was entered in 2007. All of the units are one-bedroom apartments, an ideal setting for senior tenants. Located two miles southeast of downtown Kansas City, tenants have access to many local area amenities. Mayfair Apartments is also located in a Qualified Census Tract as well as Opportunity Zone. The property is currently operating at a high-occupancy rate with a waitlist and current contract rents that are well below market.

Mayfair Apartments sold for $2.5 million by AHIB principal’s Kyle Shoemaker and Dan Piatkowski.

Affordable Housing Investment Brokerage Advises on $2.5 Million Purchase of Project-Based Section 8 Missouri Portfolio  |

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